• Predictable

    Remove password risks. Replace your hardware tokens and all levels of authentication with a single, secure, and scalable solution.

  • Affordable

    Protect internal and external users with a service that’s less expensive than the monthly cost of sending sms messages.

  • Easy to use

    Manage your service delivery channels, billing, and users through one simple web dashboard.

The most secure Multi-factor Authentication-as-a-Service platform in the world

Deliver predictable security and financial outcomes for your stakeholders with a disruptive technology that makes both financial and technical sense for authenticating employees, partners and external users.

The TrustBind Multi Factor Authentication platform provides secure authentication with zero friction for procurement, implementation, on-boarding or using the service.

Security on the web is not standing still. Neither should a security solution.

Cybercrime is estimated to cost the worldwide economy about USD 400 billion annually, up nearly 200% in five years. And as enterprise workforces become more mobile, network vulnerabilities are on the increase. In fact, today, it’s possible for 90% of employee passwords to be decoded within six hours. 

There’s no better time to rethink your cybersecurity solution. 

Introducing the world’s leading secure user authentication for businesses – and their end user ecosystems. 

TrustBind Multi Factor Authentication  provides secure, multi-factor authentication for your employees, partners, and external users – all at a predictable cost. Buying and deploying the service is simple, and on-boarding your users won’t drain your time or theirs.

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Why NTT Software?

NTT Software was established in 1985. Our mission is to create solutions to meet our client’s business demands with our knowledge of innovative technologies coming out of NTT Laboratories.

We have worked and developed our knowledge and technology with NTT Laboratories. We have provided these expertise to deliver hight quality ICT solutions.

Our deep technical expertise allows us to take on projects in smartphone security, cloud integration, security, and network technology fields. One of our best solution is our cloud security solution, the TrustBind series, released in 2006.

TrustBing is the answer to issues of data protection, strong authentication, log management for highly secure cloud service. We are committed to building sound and lasting partnerships with our clients by focusing on our client’s needs and delivering a safe cloud environment.